Valea Draganului – A valley detached from legends

vale draganului


Valea Draganului – A valley detached from legends

I. Type of route:

This route is recommended for all ages.
Road condition is good.

Access roads in the area:
1. From Cluj-Napoca, towards Oradea (Bologa) 68 km (Valea Draganului) 80 km
2. From Huedin towards Oradea (Bologa) 16 km (Valea Draganului) 23 km

Duration of Trip: A day, more or less

II. Recreational Activities:

Fishing, pony rides for children, hiking, biking

Restaurants: Guesthouse with restaurant in Poieni, Bologa, and Valea Draganului

III. Description of Route:

For mountain lovers and those interested in photography, fortresses, and magnificent dams, visiting Bologa and Valea Draganului is one of the best ways to spending a day or a weekend in the Apuseni Mountains.
The medieval fortress of Bologa, situated on the confluence of the Crisului Repede and the Sebes Rivers, is one of the most interesting fortifications of medieval Transylvania. Mentioned in documents in 1319, the fortress was built during the civil war between King Charles I of Anjou and the rebellious nobles of Transylvania (1315-1324). In 1399 the city was granted by King Sigismund of Luxemburg to the Wallachian voivode Mircea the Elder, for his role in the wars against the Turks.


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Valea Draganului, crossed by the river Dragan offers by positioning beneath Vlădeasa Massif where it meets with the Meseş Mountains is perfect for hiking and photography enthusiasts, due to its breathtaking landscapes. Guesthouses are numerous and the hospitality is proverbial.
While parents enjoy a cold beer or an afinata, children can play with the ponies or admire peacocks and pheasants. At the end of Valea Draganului, 20 miles down E60 can be found Lake Floroiu which was formed by erecting a dam 120 m high and 424 m long, and from there, a jeep can take you to Stana de Vale.

IV. Curiosities:

Casa Iubu where Lucian Blaga, Constantine, and Hadrian Daicoviciu choose to spend their leisure time.
Here, lives the famous quack nea’ Ion, famous throughout Romania because he uses massages and herbal products to treat many problems and diseases of skeletal muscles.

Source: Transylvania All Inclusive