Travel Transylvanian!

Travel Transylvanian!

You have decided to visit “treasure city?” Then you should take into account that you will need a safe and comfortable means of transport during your stay. Public transport is not always the best option, especially when you have a lot luggage or on days with high temperatures, traffic congestion can be annoying.

Thus, to make your holiday more enjoyable you can contact Daniel Taxi, the company that offers its customers quality services. The company has more than 300 cars, and its policy is to make customers feel more satisfied. The cars are clean and well maintained and the drivers are chosen by taking experience and good manners into account.

If you arrive by plane to Cluj, Daniel Taxi cabs await you at the airport, out of the passenger terminal arrivals, in a specially designed station.

If you arrive by train, taxi drivers from Daniel Taxi will be happy to give you a lift from Piața Gari, in the taxi station. And if you are in town and can not find a station close by call one of the numbers: 0264/947, 0744-158.100 or 0723-820.082 and you will be immediately connected to our Daniel Taxi dispatchers.

Do not miss a tour of the city, so you see the beauty that Cluj has to offer. Happy travels!