I do not know if clothes make the man, but it certainly helps. When it comes to clothes and accessories we it want to be high quality to be fashionable and if it is possible – not be very expensive.

Even if the last two features are not hard to find, in terms of quality, the clothing market is increasingly becoming a problem.

An example that there are other options is Torry, opened only a couple of years ago in Polus Center. Having a well developed concept, Torry offers customers fashionable clothes, quality, and acceptable prices.

Quality above all
Surely we all know that a quality coat looks differently dressed. Seams are perfect, tailoring comes with greatness and luxurious materials make you look gorgeous.

Underlying the Torry store is quality. From clothes and accessories sold to our service.

All Torry products are created at our international fashion workshops where ideas materialize from many famous designers.

Accessories and apparel sold in total amounting to premium standards. Workshops are conducted to discuss which products are the best choice criteria, where the smallest detail counts.

Clothing fabrics that exceed expectations in terms of quality, 100% leather shoes and hand-made, with special attention given to details, are prized by any “eye trained in fashion” taste and appreciate the uniqueness of this shop.

Clothing from A to Z

How many of us had happened to buy one item and we do not know how it graded? Also, we cannot find any products that we wish to wear.

Once in Torry We do not have such problems. The friendly and quality staff serve as a “shopping assistant” to anyone with tips on choosing an outfit complete.

If one evening suddenly appears an important opportunity that should not be missed we urgently need a special outfit, Torry store specialists are willing to help us choose what suits us. Store staff will never let you make the wrong choice. Because of our professional attitude, our image is one that is flawless.

Moreover you will receive many useful tips for the future. For example the colors that suit you, what you should have on various occasions, and of course ideal tailoring for an outfit that combines perfectly with your personality.

Trendsetting policy
In Romania, there happens to be a gap in terms of the latest trends. The Torry team is focused on updating the clothing market in Cluj, the latest trends in “capital” fashion. We permanently document things, participate in international fashion fairs and exhibitions to provide customers with current and fashionable attire, as they will not find anywhere else in Cluj.

For HER and HIM
For both ladies and gentlemen fashion aspect is important regardless of style or occasion, you can find a large selection in Torry for clothing and accessories.

Whether it is a casual chic outfit for a meeting between friends, , office attire or a gala for special events, after a visit to Torry you will be sure that what we have chosen is perfectly suited to our personality and desires.

Thanks to a very good ratio between price and quality, the variety of products and current trends, Torry is something different and unique in the Cluj fashion market.