The time for chestnuts has arrived in Cluj

The time for chestnuts has arrived in Cluj

We walked through town last week, hunting for beautiful buildings when I saw it. It was the gentleman who sells roasted chestnuts on Bariţiu.

Before you smell the flavor of roasted chestnuts roasted, simple image awoke nostalgia in us. The fragrant memories from childhood, when autumn came to Cluj with tasty delights, parked every few meters apart. Hand in hand with parents we marched in the streets and were assailed on all sides by flavor roasted chestnuts or chestnut puree. Or … I do not know, maybe when you’re younger it’s more intense and seems more abundant.

Now, again, the time for chestnuts has arrived in Cluj. But it seems as if the streets are not as inviting to the “castanieri” traders, as their numbers seem to be fewer. We are happy nonetheless for the few that we can still see on the streets.

vremea castanelor la cluj castane prajite piure

On Bariţiu, a portion of roasted chestnuts only costs 5 lei. And it’s not just an autumn fad as chestnuts have a balanced intake of sodium and potassium, which have the benefit of supporting heart activity, the regulation of blood, and the immune system (containing protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, and vitamin C).

In addition, chestnuts warm your hands and soul … ?

Photo: colorblissu