The Secrets for a Perfect Tan with Cheia products, 100% Natural


The Secrets for a Perfect Tan with Cheia products, 100% Natural

What woman does not like to show off their perfectly tanned summer skin? Of course, getting a nice healthy tan comes with some rules. Because we are in the middle of summer and the pool or sea are favorite destinations during this time of year, the Cheia store in Iulius Mall Cluj offers ladies a genuine ritual for the preparation and caring of skin during summer days spent on the beach.

Created in 1886, the Cheia soap brand is one of the oldest brands in our country. Our handmade goods respect the philosophy of the US based Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics guild, of which Cheia became a key part of 2010. The products are made from 100% natural ingredients which offer many benefits for the skin. In addition to the extensive range of the most surprising assortment of soaps the Cheia store on the mall’s ground floor offers its clients many personal care items, transformed into delights for body and soul. Made entirely from natural ingredients of plant-products that contain no dyes, parabens or sterile.

You want to be admired for your tan? Cheia advises to start preparing your skin for sun pampering with a coffee based anti-cellulite scrub. As well as being anti-cellulite, once the abrasive coffee scrub removes dead cells the palm oil intensely moisturizes, leaving skin smooth and supple.

Another key product that ideal for summer days is body tanning butter. It prepares the skin to better absorb sunlight and contributes to an even tan thanks to the perfect combination of the properties in the cocoa butter with the revitalizing and moisturizing of carrot oil.

After a sun bath it is mandatory to nourish the skin, so your cosmetic kit for the beach should not be without St Berry body butter. This delicate product, one of the most popular of Cheia’s products, will charm both for benefits and the delicious fragrance of chocolate flavored with strawberries. The combination between cocoa butter and coconut oil tones the skin and gives a special glow.

If you want to keep your chocolate color for as long as possible, Cheia will reveal a secret: Have confidence in the Cheia Carot soap. Naturally made manually, with the addition of carrot oil, the soap takes over maintenance of skin. Cheia Carot is 100% soap without dye, paraben or sterile.

Have you heard of ideal solid perfume for sensitive skin or sunburns? Cheia Rose, Vanilla or Wave are solid perfumes specifically created for those who want to be smart even on the beach, a 100% natural formula, without alcohol.

These are only some of the wonderful personal care products from Cheia. In the Iulius Mall store you will find hundreds of articles, the most diverse range of natural soaps with therapeutic functions, green tea, cinnamon, chamomile, cocoa, castor, chocolate, milk and coffee, body butter, hair masks, to travel kits, lip balm and air fresheners for ambiance.

Use Cheia products for skin care, full of freshness.