The “Our Body” Exhibition to stay in Cluj until the end of the year

Due to public demand, the exhibition “Our Body: The Universe Within” will stay in Cluj-Napoca until the 29th of December. Since its opening during the the summer on July 17, in the Iulius Mall shopping center, to this date, the exhibition has attracted 25,000 visitors, of which 2,000 came only during recent days.

“Due to the large influx of visitors registered in the last days prior to the envisaged closing of the exhibition (October 31, 2015) – nearly 2,000 people but also due to favorable reactions from the public, we have decided to extend their stay in Cluj until the 29th of December,” says Heidi Pinchal, spokesman for the “Our Body: The Universe Within” exhibition.

Since the beginning of the school year and to date, almost 100 schools, both private and public, in Romanian and other languages have brought students in organized groups to see the exhibition. In total, over 4000 students aged between 7 and 18 have seen so far, more than 200 exhibits – real human bodies (in their entirities or in sections).

“With a strong focus on prevention, health, and education, the exhibition “Our Body: The Universe Within” wants to increase public interest in knowing one’s body and to convince them of the importance of healthy choices. Dozens of workers with medical training answer the questons of our visitors” stated the organizers.

Tickets are still available in the Eventim network and visiting hours remain unchanged, daily between 10am and 10pm (last access at 9pm). Children younger than 7 years have free access. The exhibition “Our Body” is an event produced by Universal Exhibition Events Group and organized in collaboration with Iulius Mall Cluj.

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