The first Melkior store in the region has opened in Iulius Mall Cluj

Melkior Iulius Mall Cluj

Recently, a new brand has entered the portfolio of Iulius Mall Cluj, to the delight of the ladies who love quality cosmetics. The first Melkior store in the region has opened Iulius Mall Cluj opened on the ground floor, offering a wide range of make-up and care products.

Melkior is addressed to all women who want to feel beautiful, offering them a complete and diversified range of professional beauty products. Through their items, Melkior invites women to be charming, to feel comfortable in their skin, to seduce and be unique. This is because at Melkior one can find everything they need for their beauty ritual. Eye shadow, lipstick, mascara, foundation, eyeliner pencils, and many other high quality cosmetic products, are offered at the new location in Iulius Mall Cluj. In addition, clients can choose from a variety of accessories to help them achieve an enviable look. The range of Melkior products include cosmetics from face creams, cleansers, and masks to massage oil and bath salts. To these are added nail care products, paints with an extensive array of colors, semi-permanent nail polish, acrylic resin and professional tools and hair, shampoo, conditioner, and even curling nuanĊ£atoare masks, brushes and clippers.

Melkior is directly involved in all stages of manufacturing, from production to the sales, thus ensuring attention to each product. Through its dedication to beauty, Melkior has convinced the professionals of quality products, distinguished by texture, color, and strength. Today, Melkior products are used by leading stylists, and are available to customers that want to have perfect makeup every day, even at home.

In Romania, Melkior is currently ten stores, the latest being inaugurated in Iulius Mall Cluj.

cosmetice Melkior Iulius Mall Cluj 01

cosmetice Melkior Iulius Mall Cluj 01