Take your lunch break at Mama Manu

Manu Manu on Eroilor

Take your lunch break at Mama Manu

The bustle of the city embraces us and us. We are constantly running around due to our duties at work as well as at home. Of course, each new day adds to our usual obligations.

Therefore, as we work we often skip meals, wake up so late in the morning that we do not eat breakfast, in the worst case, the body warns us by “enriching” us with headaches or stomach. We try to explain the situation by arguing that: “I have no time”, “I must finish what I started,” or “There isn’t a place nearby where I can find fresh food” But if we do a good search, then we will find solutions.

Solutions worthy of notice is provided by Mama Manu, the fast food restaurant you can find in four locations in Cluj-Napoca: Eroilor Bulevard (no. 11 and 43) in Mănăştur at the Minerva bus station and in Piața Gării right across the street from the train station. The four Mama Manu fast-food restaurants are strategically located, being both for customers working in or visiting the downtown area, and also for customers who live or work in the Mănăştur neighborhood. Also, for those who come in Cluj it is much easier to turn to our fast food services at or near the train station.

Mama Manu
Wondering what they recommend? Mama Manu’s fast-food restaurants are recognized the city for its delicious taste of its dishes – especially shaworma. Here oriental dishes such as falafel and shaworma make one feel as at home in the East, a recipe cooked and flavored with unique spices that are only known to the chefs.

Fresh, meaning cooked right when you made, dishes are: schnitzel with mushrooms, hamburger, french fries, barbecue chicken, salads, sauces and many other dishes. The dishes can be enjoyed at leisure on the above mentioned premises and those which have a very short lunch break may opt to “to go”.

Telephone: 0264 432 801, 0730 735 550
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mamamanu.cluj

Program: non-stop