Stiucii Lake in Sacalaia

Stiucii Lake in Sacalaia, reed reservation and dance school in Sic

I. Type of route:
This route is recommended for all ages.
Road Condition: Good

Access roads in the area:
Recommended in Cluj-Napoca by Gherla to Sacalaia, Sic
-From Cluj-Napoca to Sic 40 km
-From Cluj-Napoca to Sacalaia 56 km

Duration of route: a day or a weekend

II. Leisure activities:

hiking, fishing, boating, traditional Hungarian dance classes
Gas Station: Sic
Restaurants, hostels: Sacalaia, Sic

III. Route description:

This route is especially recommended for fishing enthusiasts, nature lovers, and traditional Transylvanian dances. It is very close to Gherla, just 13 km from Stiucii Lake is Sacalaia. Tradition and legends say that the lake was formed by the collapse of a salt mine underneath and you can sometimes see the tower of a church that dates from many years ago. Measured over the entire length of the lake the depth does not exceed 10 to 18 feet, although, as legend would say, the lake does not have a bottom, and that it has a portal through which you could travel into the past and future. In the lake can be found many species of fish, but it is famous especially for its large specimens of pike (hence the name ‘știucă’ in Romanian).

One of the biggest pike ever caught here was about 12 kg, but among fishermen there are “fish stories and legends” were there are rumors of fish that are 3-4 meters. a species of pike in this lake seems to have come from the days when Transylvania was still under water. Fishing can be done from the shore, in the water or boat and the rest of the family can enjoy traditional fish-based products at the guesthouse situated on the lake, or to recuperate at Nicula Monastery.

The Reed Natural Reserve from Sic enables amateurs to capture dozens of pictures of birds in their natural habitat. Sic is famous for the fact that its inhabitants wear traditional costumes daily. Here there is a traditional Hungarian dance school opened by a Dutchman, where tourists can attend dance classes, with over 300 pairs of special boots for dancing can be purchased, being over 100 years and reconditioned for present use.