So begins the “Serile de Vară Clujene”, on the Scena Verde

Cluj Summer Evenings

So begins the “Serile de Vară Clujene”, on the Scena Verde

Lovers of culture, music, and spending time outdoors are invited to combine all three items. This weekend, you can enjoy two evenings of classical rhythms and ballet in Iulius Park.

On Saturday and Sunday, the 29th and 30th of August 2015, the Scena Verde on the lake will host two performances brand “Serile de vară clujene” (Cluj Summer Evenings). The events allow those who spend time in Iulius Park to combine their strolls with classic songs with the most beautiful and impressive choreography.

Saturday evening is dedicated to a mix of music and ballet. From 8pm, the natural landscape of Iulius Park will be animated with an opera, operetta, musical, and ballet.

On Sunday, at 8pm, Iulius park will resonate delightful rhythms of a piano recital and opera. The artistic moment will be starring Olga Bordas, Alexandra Hordoan, Eva Iordan, Horațiu Ruști, Alin Dan Rusu, and Andrei Sofron.

The cultural events of the two evenings will bring together talented artists who will share with hte public their passion for music and dancing.