Savor Thai ice cream at Scoops

Scoops Iulius Mall

Savor Thai ice cream at Scoops

Iulius Mall Cluj offers a new venue, Scoops, for those eager to be delighted with a special dessert. Children, youth, and adults will find here the art of preparing Thai ice cream, a true spectacle of techniques and flavors directly in front of the customer.

Scoops is the location recently opened in the food court of Iulius Mall where Clujeans of all ages can indulge in a freshly made ice cream. It is not prepared in any fashion, but after spectacular techniques. Scoops offers customers a unique experience, not only by the delicious flavors of Thai ice cream, but also through its unique preparation method. Each ice cream is prepared right in front of the buyer, on a special “cooker” at a temperature of about – 35 degrees Celsius. Everyone who has tried Scoops ice cream talks about the flavor. It is due to the 100% natural ingredients, ie milk and fruit, crushed and kneaded until the desert reaches the desired texture. A short video presentation can be seen here:

Because it is freshly made, Scoops ice cream contains no preservatives, enhancers, or other additives, being healthy and tasty. Customers can choose from over 30 creamy varieties responding to any preferences, including: Banana Blueberry, Banana Nutella, cream whiskey, Mint Chocolate, Crunchy Pistachio, or American Pie apple and cinnamon. In addition, Thai ice cream has a low sugar content, so that those who attach great importance to their health can enjoy Scoops with no worries.

Scoops’ slogan is “Homemade Happiness,” and you are invited to Iulius Mall Cluj to discover the joy of enjoying a Thai ice cream freshly made before your eyes.