Salina Turda – Cheile Turzii

Salina Turda – Cheile Turzii

Salina Turda and Cheile Turzii are two of the most visited touristic sights in Cluj County.
In 2009, with the help of European Union funds, Salina Turda began a renovation project. Currently, Salina Turday, besdies its curative benefits offers a spectacular subterranean space.
Cheile Turzii represents a protected natural reservation, of the mixted type, situated a few kilometers to the west of Turda. The Cheile Turzii reservation offers visitors an incredible natural paysage, with abrupt cliffs, walls that echo, and rocky valleys.

I. Route Type
This trip is recommended for all age categories. The trip can be undertaken in a single day, the morning being recommended for visiting Salina Turda, while after lunch – Cheile Turzii. Of course, those who wish can camp in Cheile Turzii, in order to spend more time in a special natural environment.
You can arrive at both locations with a personal car, as the road is for the most part good.

Access route:
1) Cluj-Napoca – Salina Turda (Rods DN1/60/E81) – 34 KM
2) Turda – Cheile Turzii – 15 km
Gas Station: Turda
Duration of Trip – 1 day, 1 weekend.

II. Leisure activities:

Cheile Turzii: mountaineering, paragliding, climbing, sport climbing, caving, mountain biking etc.
Salina Turda: Minigolf, Bowling, sports games on the landscaped grounds, pool, boating the underground Lake, etc.
Guesthouses and Restaurants: Turda, Cheile Turzii

III. Route description

The Salina Turda – Cheile Turzii trip is ideal for mountain enthusiasts or for anyone wanting to escape for a short time from the city. If you choose to follow this route in one day, the morning is advisable to visit Salina Turda. There you can enjoy the benefits of curative, salty air of the mine as it is beneficial in the treatment of various respiratory diseases. You can also admire the mine itself and enjoy the various recreational activities that are available there.

Salina Turda is an old salt mine, as mining ceased there in 1931. Currently, Salina Turda represents an important tourist attraction, visited annually by thousands of tourists.

Cheile Turzii has a length of 1300 m, a height of walls up to 200 m and covers an area of ​​about 324 hectares. Cheile Turzii Reserve was formed by the erosion of limestone rocks by the Hăşdate River.
Once in Cheile Turzii, you can enjoy a wonderful landscape, you can go trekking or you can practice various leisure activities. Cheile Turzii Reserve includes more than 1,000 species of plants, animals, and butterflies, some representing rare species such as wild garlic, cliff eagles, etc.

Cheile Turzii is ideal for climbers because of verticality walls and relatively easy access to equipment. The area includes several climbing routes and climbing and competitions are held annually.