Rimetea – Cheile Rametului

Even though it is located in Alba County, we can say that Rimetea is just “two steps from Cluj” as it is very close. Rimetea is a locality that was first mentioned in 1257, which has seen several periods throughout history. In the past, Rimetea was an important center for manufacturing and mining, inhabited by a mixed population of Szeklers and Saxons.

As of 1996 Rimetea has been included in a project to conserve its heritage. Following this project, many locals have decided to restore old houses, giving the town a picturesque look that is both simple and beautiful, without too many modern urban elements.

In recent years Rimetea has developed much in terms of tourism, and has become an important objective for tourists from the country and those from abroad. In 1999, the town was awarded the Europa Nostra Award by the European Commission, and in 2000, the register of National Monuments designated Rimetea a architectural and urban protected area.

  I.  Route Type

This route is recommended for all ages. It is recommended to spend at least a weekend to cover all the attractions offered in the area. Rimetea can be reached by car, the road is paved and in good condition.

Access routes:

Cluj-Napoca, through Turda – 61 km

Cluj-Napoca Highway – 86 km

Gas Station Turda

Trip Duration: 1 day, one weekend or holiday.

   II. Leisure activities:

Trekking, paragliding, climbing, caving

Guesthouses and restaurants: Rimetea, Coltesti

   III. Route description:

Whether you want to escape the city or to explore nature, Rimetea is the ideal choice. Once in Rimetea you can choose to admire the traditional houses with great architecture, to make nature walks or simply relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Mountain enthusiasts have many opportunities for hiking or mountain climbing. For those wanting extreme sports there is the opportunity for paragliding. Gourmets can enjoy local specialties of Hungarian and Romanian influences. Researchers and history lovers have at their disposal many interesting things. So Rimetea offers something for everyone.

IV. Attractions in the area:

Piatra Secuiului

Once in the village, you will surely be impressed by the monumental Piatra Secuiului that besides the impressive scenery that it offers, is also an important touristic goal in the area. Here you can go hiking or if you have the proper equipment, you can climb. Also Piatra Secuiului offers the perfect place for lovers of paragliding.

Ethnographic Museum

To better outline the history of the area, one should definitely visit the ethnographic museum in the village. The ethnographic museum is located in the City Hall building and stretches into 5 rooms. The Heritage museum includes traditional doors, tools used in different activities, vessels, specific examples of painted furniture that is specific to the area etc.

Water Mill

In the village you can visit the water mill, dating from 1752. Here you can see different tools and utensils used for milling and “breading” Iron ore that was the source of income of residents for many years.

Unitarian Church

Located in the center, the Unitarian Church was built in the eighteenth century. The church is still in uses, and on Sunday morning you can participate in the service.

Coltesti Fortress

Located in the neighboring town, Coltesti, the fortress was built in 1296 for defensive purposes after the Tatar invasion of 1241. Coltesti fortress belonged to the Toroczkay family and only a few ruins remain today. The fortress is on a hill and offers a panoramic view.

From Rimetea you can reach the foot of the hill by car. If you have the right type of vehicle, and the weather is good, you can drive to the top of the fortress.

Ramet Monastery

Ramet Monastery is situated 50 km from Rimetea in the Geoagiului Valley, at the entrance to Cheile Rametului. Ramet Monastery dates from the fourteenth century and is one of the oldest monastic settlements in Transylvania. Ramet Monastery can be reached by car, the road is generally good though there are some bad portions.

Ramet Gorges

Approximately 50 km from Rimetea along the Rimetea-Aiud-Teius-Rimeti route is the Cheile Rametului nature reserve. In a beautiful natural setting, following the line of the river, you can follow a route between the two limestone rocks. By Ramet Monastery road car can go from there to the entrance of a gorge but beyond there will require a jeep or to go on foot. The route has a medium difficulty, it can go to anyone, but requires attention. Here, fans can climb the rocks of the gorge.

   V. Accommodation in Rimetea

Being a city that relies on a countryside tourism economy, Rimetea offers plenty of accommodation options, many locals turning their homes into guesthouses.

We recommend Pensiunea Dr. Demeter, a recognized guesthouse in the area with good hospitality and very good accommodation conditions. Pensiunea Dr. Demeter offers several rooms, making it ideal accommodation for teambuilding. The food served is traditional and absolutely delicious, and the portions are large.

    VI. Curiosities

Tombs carved into rock

In Rimetea there are so-called rock tombs, unique in Romania. The tombs were used from generation to generation. Currently digging of graves in the rock is no longer possible due to demographic decline and people are buried in the graves of their ancestors.

The sleeping Giant

In light of the night, Piatra Secuiului looks like a giant sleeping.