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Do you have a business / product or provide services in Cluj and you want to promote yourself?

You’re at the right place:’s city portal is the best and most complete source of information for Cluj and tourists. A mix of effective promotion for all our partners, is a unitary concept that through projects and applications developed over time, has become a dynamic source of information that is dynamic, interactive, and complex for Clujeans and tourists who visit our city regardless of age or status! means:

1. Our site

Structured into several categories: Events, To See, To Do, Cultural, Accommodation, Training, Business, Food, Services, Medical, Real Estate – the site is not only a complex information source for those who live in the city and for those who want to visit Cluj but also a channel for interaction and relaxation.

2. Social media: Facebook page

With more than 80,000 likes, our facebook page is an effective means of public involvement in all that means promoting our city in a more efficient manner. We have an active, vibrant, abd dynamic community who loves Cluj wishes to contribute to the promotion.

3. City Guide Magazine

Addressed to both Clujeans and tourists, the magazine is printed in more than 5,000 copies and is offered free of charge to certain distribution points in the city (Info Point sites in the city, all hotels and the locations of our partners in Cluj). The magazine is both an effective tour guide and a leisure guide in the city, with interesting information about Cluj and its surroundings.

You can see an online version of the magazine here:

4. City Card

A card for discounts and gratuities offered by, the City Card can be purchased by both the city’s inhabitants and tourists, regardless of their age or status. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of City Card!

From discounts on meals in restaurants, to clubs, hotels or even discounts for various services or events that occur in the city, to free entry to the theater, opera, philharmonic or museums in the city – City Card is beneficial to its owners and partners that benefits from from advertisements through all of’s channels (1,2,3)

An important aspect is that the City Card project supports 10 institutions of Cluj’s cultural-artistic profile (theater, opera, philharmonic, museums) and the Little People Association.

Thus, we wish to provide a complete and comprehensive promotion that can be customized according to the needs and direction that you wish to portray your business!

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