Pokka Restaurant is now in the Food Court at Iulius Mall Cluj

Pokka Iulius Mall

Pokka Restaurant is now in the Food Court at Iulius Mall Cluj

Iulius Mall Cluj invites customers to complete the lunch menu at Pokka. The new location, recently inagurated at the food court in Iulius Mall, offers those who are passionate about international cuisine to savor exotic Mexican food.

Those who desire to enjoy international dishes and those who have had their hearts conquered by Mexican dishes have a new culinary destination in the food court at Iulius Mall: Pokka. Customers happen upon a unique flavor, the offerings of specific spices, combined into a delicious recipe. In the Pokka menu, customers find dishes inspired by Tex-Mex cuisine (a name used for a combination of food from Texas and Mexico). Therefore, gourmands can savor tacos, burritos, quesadilla, fajitas, enchiladas, and more.

Pokka dishes are prepared by a chef of Mexican origin, who selected 30 authentic recipes to surprise even the most demanding of tastes. To give customers real flavor of Mexican dishes, only ingredients of the highest quality are used, with a focus on sauces and homemade tortillas that are prepared with care.

Mexican cuisine lovers and simply those who are curious are invited to discover international gastronomy at Pokka in the food court at Iulius Mall Cluj.

The Iulius Mall Food Court awaits you inside of Iulius Mall Cluj, at no. 53 B on Alexandru Vaida Voevod Street, on the 2nd floor.