People Pub

People Pub

I do not know how it is for others, but I when I think of Cluj, to mind comes interesting cafes and cozy clubs where good will lasts until the morning, and many people are cheerful.

From the many places offered by the city, I always liked to find a nice place, with warm people, an interesting atmosphere, and good coffee, where one can feel at ease. Recently I found a match. I am speaking about People Pub, a mix between café and pub, with good taste, good music, and warm people.

Located on David Fernec Street, no. 13A, People Pub is the place where you can enjoy a delicious coffee, you can drink a refreshing cocktail, celebrate winter with a fragrant mulled wine, while in the evening you can dance and have fun with friends from various organized parties, and if you’re a fan of retro music then obviously, you’ve found the place where you want to move.

People Pub is more than a simple place. If you are a student, it is where you will study, if you are a tourist it is the ideal place to discover the warm people of Cluj, and if you have already entered the workforce, in People Pub you will find an escape from daily routine tasks


Phone 0729 023 700
Email [email protected]