Outliers.ro – An Online Clothing and Accessories Store for Young Nonconformists

Outliers.ro – An Online Clothing and Accessories Store for Young Nonconformists
Clothing and accessories online for women who step outside the box
“We are the crazy ones. The rebels. The wild. We love fearless fashion. We are OUTLIERS.”
As the motto says, Outliers.ro is an online store for clothing and accessories that particularly addresses non-conformists who pay attention to the way they dress and adopt styles that step outside the box. “Outliers” are those who are different from the group, those who do not conform to the majority, rebels.
The clothes that you can find on Outliers.ro are happy and colorful, with graphic prints, boho-chic accents, and can tell a story through the designs and colors that are on the clothes.
In the accessories category, you can find nice necklaces and handbags at very accessible prices, and you can order temporary tattoos from the store that have designs created by graphic designers in Cluj. If you wish to order online, at Outliers.ro you can surely find interesting pieces for your style.

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INKD Temporary Tattoos – a bold project, made in Cluj
Due to our origin in Cluj, Outliers.ro wishes to promote local artists, collaborating through design and photography with many young talented Clujeans.
Also, three young Clujeans have joined forces and ideas and have put into practice a non-conformist concept, that of temporary skin art. The INKD temporary tattoo project was born from the desire to bring something new to the market, to promote young talent and to give an alternate alternative to those who want tattoos.
The design of the tattoos are created by designers in Cluj, and from among the designs that attracted us the most was the lotus flower, the symbol of the purity of the soul, a minimalist design deer and a hamsa (the hand of Fatima), bringer of luck.
If you decide to make a tattoo and you have yet to find the courage to cross the border, INKD temporary tattoos are a fun alternative. Who knows, maybe you’re going it like the designs at Outliers.ro so much that you are going to get a permanent tattoo. If you are used to spending your time on social media, you can find our store pages on Facebook or Instagram.


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