Off The Wall – the coolest Canadian bistro in town

How does the ideal restaurant look for you and … what does it tastes like? What are the ingredients of success to convince you to return more often? The location, ambiance, the events hosted here, and of course the food are the factors that decide whether or not we return to a particular venue. With these characteristics in mind, we have swirled throughout the city and we stopped at Off The Wall restaurant at no. 3 Georges Clemenceau street.

Off the Wall is the result of the love story between Canadian cuisine and the city of Cluj-Napoca, between freshness, flavor and the color of ingredients and recipes inspired by local cultural diversity across the globe.

Off The Wall - the coolest canadian bistro in town
When I first heard of Off the Wall I expected to find a crazy disco, for Off the Wall is the album released by Michael Jackson in 1979, but the restaurant surprised us with a cozy ambiance, where modernity fits perfectly with the old wine cellar on Piata Muzeului, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Why we like Off The Wall Restaurant? Firstly, here you can be certain that all ingredients are fresh. The dishes, sauces, bread, everything is cooked from scratch in the restaurant’s kitchen. The kitchen is open and those who are curious can cast an eye towards the magic in progress as they prepare orders. Speaking of orders, it should be noted that the restaurant staff is very attentive and courteous. We felt pampered.

Off The Wall - the coolest canadian bistro in town
Secondly, you can be sure that here you just enjoy the flavor of food and not that of cigarette smoke because Off The Wall is among the top restaurants in Cluj where no smoking is permitted and everyone respects that.

Off The Wall - the coolest canadian bistro in town
And of course the food … As mentioned above, all the ingredients are fresh from local producers, dishes are cooked in the restaurant’s kitchen and the menu is designed so that you can enjoy dishes that are in season.

While we’re on the chapter of food, I can not help but remember the burgers. Our recommendation is The Tayler-Made Burger – a big cake of beef and pork, bacon, caramelized onion, creamy blue cheese, and dill pickles, on a bun with homemade sesame seeds, served alongside fries with our homemade tandoori sauce.

Off The Wall - the coolest canadian bistro in town
How can we not like Off The Wall? I have not yet found a reason convincing enough, so we will have to come back in order to pamper ourselves with delicious dishes and incredible desserts (for those who have turned sweets into religion, we recommend White Chocolate Lava Cake with a glass of Liliac Nectar of Transylvania).

Off The Wall - the coolest canadian bistro in town
So, whether you want to meet friends for a drink, whether you’re looking for the perfect place for a romantic rendezvous, or whether you are a gourmand in search of delicious menus, prepared entirely in the restaurant’s kitchen, you are invited to enjoy Off The Wall!

Address: no. 3 Georges Clemenceau Street
Tel.: 0749 619 240
Program: Monday – Saturday: 16:00 – 23:00