Need a Car for Trips to Cluj or Throughout the Country? Rent a Car!

Liberty Rent a Car

Need to car for trips to Cluj or throughout the country? Rent a car!
We all like to travel and walk and we certainly want our trips take place in the best conditions. Having a car certainly has its advantages, but not all afford or want to assume a responsibility like this.

What happens if you want to hit the road to another town or a holiday trip through the country? Sure, we can call on the services of rail or buses we find in the right direction. Often, however, we overlook a more effective solution and perhaps even the financial advantage in renting a car.

Perhaps you are a tourist in Cluj or you are a Clujean who has recently returned from abroad but only temporarily, maybe you’re here in town and feel the acute need to escape, to embark on a road trip with friends or family to spend your vacation visiting wonderful places in Romania or have to go in for business purposes – for whatever reason, rent a car services in Cluj are numerous, effective, and are available non-stop.

Of these, Liberty Rent a Car Cluj stands out due to the professional services when it comes to car rental in Cluj. With experience and quality service, the company targets both tourists and those already temporarily living in Cluj but need a car.

The cars provided are varied and fits both small, economy, compact, full size, full size premium, SUV, or 4X4 clases. There are also services for which you can choose, such as GPS, child seat or winter equipment, if all approaching the cold season!
The cars are new, have insurance, have modern facilities that offers comfort and safety in the desired movements. The delivery is done anywhere in Cluj, fast and completely free of airport taxes, tax free weekend or late hours! Prices are affordable and start at 16 € / day – the lowest price!

So for those of you who want to rent a car in Cluj, whether they are tourists, whether they are Romanians who returned to the country temporarily, or even Clujeans who want to travel to the country for tourism or business can appeal to Liberty Rent a Car Cluj’s reliable services!

Contact Information:

Delivery Point: Avram Iancu International Airport Cluj – no. 149-151 Traian Vuia Street, as well as anywhere in Cluj
Office: no. 6. Camil Petrescu Street
Telephone: 0742 871045 , 0721 968108
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Ai nevoie de o masina pentru deplasari in Cluj sau in tara? Rent a Car!