Make your spring delicious at Burger House

At Burger House you will get a beautiful and delicious spring! Burger House is a concept inspired by nature and is located at no. 2 Matei Corvin Street, a wonderful place to enjoy our delicious burgers.

In our venue, you can bring your whole family and all of your friends. The Ingenious vertical green garden freshens the air and bring spring to each plate.

Try a Smoke’n’fire burger! You will be rewarded with an explosive taste due to the combination of beef roasted on the stove, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, pickled bell pepper and a sauce specially created 10 from ingredients.

Burger House
Perhaps, you want to try the vegetarian burger, our Mushroom Melt Burger. Dried tomatoes and pesto turns everything into an avalanche of flavors!

French fries seem too simple of an addition to your delicious burger? Do you wish to get out of the routine? Then order them with garlic, parmesan and garlic and parmesan, all seasoned with salt and fresh parsley.

At Burger House can you choose the sorts of juicy burgers, but you also have the chance to conceive your burger dreams. Beef, Argentinian beef entrecote, cheddar, bacon, pickles, tomatoes, blue cheese, lettuce, mushrooms, arugula, bun, normal or hot sauce are normally fantastic ingredients that you can combine after the craving in your heart.

You can surely call upon Burger House to try a well done burger, that is balanced and has fresh ingredients! Your favorite food can be found in the building with vertical garden on no. 2 Matei Corvin Street or just a few clicks away through the Service delivery.

Make your spring more delicious!

Burger House

Address: Matei Corvin Street
Telephone: +40 749 010 515
E-Mail: [email protected]

Monday – Wednesday: 11 am – Midnight
Thursday – Friday: 11 am – 3 am
Saturday: 2 pm – 3 am
Sunday: 2 pm – Midnight