Medstar Medical Center

Str. Mehedinţi, nr. 1-3, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj

Medstar Medical Center

Medstar Medical Center Cluj-Napoca is a multipurpose institution that offers a wide range of medical services. It can be accessed by both patients under consultations and free medical examinations, accepting insurance from the Health Insurance Fund or private insurers, and for an additional fee, giving you a complete medical certificate, professional and complete. The medical equipment that we have is of a high quality standard, being acquired by accessing a project funded by the European Union.

To help you find us easier, Medstar Medical Center operates in five locations in Cluj-Napoca (Mehedinți Clinic, Mărăşti Clinic, Medicina Muncii, Laboratory for analysis Mănăştur, and Radiology and Medical Imaging), along with a medical consultations and investigations service at home – Medstar at home.

We are available with a wide range of medical services, tests, and procedures, you find a complete overview in attachmented documents.
In addition to these advantages, we offer a complete medical certificates through contracts with the County Health Insurance that we have, being able to issue tickets for references, compensations, prescriptions, and medical leave. Also, we are in a contractual relationship with a number of private insurance companies that provide health care services by Medstar Medical Center.

Medstar Cluj