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Laurus Medical

LaurusMedical, a chain of medical clinics which owns 11 branches nationwide is a player on the Romanian market that is recognized as a leader in medical proctology, Phlebology, and dermatology.

From the desire to improve the health of patients and eliminate physical suffering and psychological discomfort, LaurusMedical introduced for the first time in Romania two internationally leading technologies such as UGFS (Sclerotherapy assisted ultrasound) for varicose veins and MBST technology ( Magnetic resonance therapy) for the treatment of joint diseases and osteoporosis.

In addition to effective treatment of varicose veins through UGFS (a maximum of 2-3 sessions are needed to solve veneous problems, including deep veins), this technique does not require surgery, the treatment is not painful, but will give in return freedom to operate in the normal way.

Magnetic resonance therapy is an innovative technique for treating osteoarthritis, osteoporosis etc, unique in Romania, acting on the causes of the disease, stimulating cell metabolism and regenerative processes.

In addition to using this revolutionary technology at LaurusMedical clinics, treatments are given by teams of medical specialists, always abreast of new research and therapeutic techniques, which focuses effort, the entire science, and our expertise to address the patient’s condition quickly and efficiently.

Services offered
MBST Medical Rehabilitation
General Surgery

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