Hugo – Restaurant and Treats

str. 21 Decembrie, 1989, nr. 77, Cluj-Napoca

Hugo – Restaurant and Treats


Hugo is located in the newest office building in Cluj – The Office – Nr. 77 December 21, 1989 Street, on the ground floor. The restaurant’s concept is unique in Cluj-Napoca. From the client’s perspective, its uniqueness derives from a minimum of 2 obvious aspects: the organization of the serving area and the special services.

The type of products include pasta, pizza, salads & grilled meats are prepared fresh every day, and the actual cooking will take place in front of the client, with the ingredients that he desires. This is complemented by a warm and friendly atmosphere that we try to create through both the special ambiance of the restaurant as well as the events that we organize there.

“We needed more than 10 years of work experience in the culinary field in order to get the effect and the spirit of Hugo, our beloved restaurant where we want to have great services, amazing food, and pleasant ambiance and music so that while choosing a restaurant to visit, you somehow naturally end up at Hugo.

We are part of a family business, in which the passion for good food, for beautiful ambiance, good taste (in all its meanings) was always present in everything I’ve done in this area. We like to think that we succeeded. It remains for you, our customer, to confirm this.

We love to cook! So much that I took all the international cuisine together with traditional Romanian food, turned on all facets, I chose … and I designed the menu at Hugo.

I expect you to go through and choose your own. The more, the better. The appetite will come by itself! ”

Address:  21 Decembrie 1989 Street Nr. 77, Building – ‘The Office’, Ground floor
Telephone: 0364 110.437
E-mail: [email protected]

Monday – Friday: 8 – 23, Saturday: 11 – 23

Hugo Restaurant and Treats