Healthy Life Center

Str. Nicolae Titulescu, nr. 111, Cluj-Napoca

Healthy Life Center
Holistic – Bioresonance Medicine Center
Our mission is to provide a new perspective on health through non invasive, non-traumatic, and painless processes. Our experience (from 2008) and very favorable results are obtained with with holistic medicine and bio-resonance help us reach a large number of people who are able to choose and adopt in parallel alongside conventional medical services at the Healthy Life Center.

Healthy Life Center offers the following services:
– Diagnosing health through biofeedback testing on organ health,
a. Test for allergies / intolerances (partial Allergen test for over 350 substances in food)
b. Test for allergies / sensitivities to food and non-food (Allergen test of over 1000 substances)
c. Test for vitamins, minerals, heavy metals, parasites, viruses, bacteria
– Biofeedback therapy
– Allergy Desensitization
– Automatic elongation massage with the role of jade and tourmaline for spinal problems
– detoxification through our detoxificing appliance
– Smoke Therapy
– Consultations for Bach flower remedies
– Access to Therapy Bars
– Energetic facelifting
– Reiki
– Access to courses bars, reiki

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Address: No. 111 N. Titulescu Street (formerly Piața), next to Unicarm Nr.111, Building 2, Entrance directly from the street, Cluj-Napoca, Județul Cluj
Telephone: 0733930702
E-mail: [email protected]

Healthy Life Center