Euphoria Biergarten

Str. Cardinal Iuliu Hossu, nr. 25, Cluj-Napoca

Euphoria Biergarten restaurant is located in a dream location: on the Morii Canal, close to downtown and the Simion Bariţiu Park. The harmony of the site is maintained through its great location, delicious menus, an atmosphere that attracts the song of sirens and some specific elements that are sure to have caught your eye as you pass the threshold of the restaurant.

Returning to appetizing menus, they are prepared by the best chefs in the country, which is seen not only in cooked dishes as true works of art that one can sense. Euphoria’s delicious dishes are a feast for our taste buds. From traditional dishes to the most sophisticated dish such as turbot fillet or perch fillet in herbs and parmesan crust served with tabouleh and lemon sauce with herbs, and with fabulous German and Italian desserts (our favorites being warm tart Tatin apples with vanilla ice cream and panna cotta with berries and vanilla), the menu is one of the strengths of Euphoria Biergarten restaurant.

Beyond the restaurant, Euphoria Biergarten is a space that honors the values ​​of respect for history and cultivate beautiful and authentic, hosting an impressive collection of beer mugs gathered from all corners of the world and exhibited as true museum objects.

Address: Cardinal Iuliu Hossu Street, nr. 25
Telephone: 0756 393 333
E-mail: [email protected]
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Monday – Friday: 08.00 – the final client
Saturday – Sunday: 08.00 – the final client