Corner Biliard and Snooker

Str. Iazului, nr. 21, Cluj-Napoca

Corner Biliard and Snooker

A certain locality is not necessarily ‘better’ than another. Each place will provide a specific experience and offer different things. But among all these are a few places that exceeded the limit that separates the premises of the ordinary personality.

But how can such places be recognized? What makes a place better, to the point where it deserves to be visited again?

If the place is always full of groups of loyal people then it means that the site has already become a community center. This means that those customers are inspired by the loyalty of the place and that the feeling is mutual.

It requires a certain courage and a sincere interest for such a place to be successful. Customers seek a diverse experience through which their interest is renewed. A place where you can play pool with loved ones, and to measure your skill against a new opponent, with the same passion as you.

Although you can find other places where you can play Pool, Snooker, Ping Pong and Darts, few keep the sense of community, providing something different for each new guest.

Address: Iazului Street, Nr. 21, Second floor, Cluj-Napoca
Telephone: 0753433732
E-mail: [email protected]

Monday – Sunday: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Corner Biliard and Snooker