Clinica Artis 3 – Surgery Center

Str. Republicii 82B, Cluj-Napoca

Clinca Artis 3 – Surgery Center is currently one of the most modern, stylish and well-equipped private surgery clinics in the country. Specialists in the domain of plastic and asthetic surgery and orthopedics, infant surgery, gynecology, general surgery, surgical oncology, neurosurgery, diseases stemming from nutrition and metabolism were combined to provide the most modern treatments in their fields, all in a relaxed atmosphere that is warm and calm. The clinic’s philosophy prioritizes patient comfort and ensures high standards of quality for all services.

Our desire is to ensure a more comfortable stay and to meet all medical and extra-medical requirements. To get a clearer picture of our offer please visit this site or to approach us directly by one of the means of contact are available.

Address: 82B. Republicii Street, 400489 Cluj-Napoca
Telephone: +40-264.595.336
E-mail: [email protected]

Clinica Artis 3