Cafeneaua Yolka – A Serene Cafe

Piata Unirii nr. 21 Cluj

Are you feeling a little empty? You miss the fresh green of spring? Yolka Cafe awaits you to take a breath of freshness at nr. 21 Piata Unirii, upstairs. Fairly new on the cafe landscape in Cluj, Yolka is one of those places where you do not come to leave. Let’s see why.
First, refresh your perspective: look up to the blue sky (It will surprise you, but Yolka has its own sky), and you will see that everything has wings and flies is represented there. We’ll let you discover for themselves what direction birds fly in Yolka. Images
If winter weather is not exactly your favorite, then Yolka (in Russian means fir tree) is the perfect place of refuge. Bright, spacious, studded with vegetal elements, at Yolka you feel like you’re in a garden, during a milder season. Creativity manifests itself in the interior, though designs inspired by nature, but it hides the menu, in the chapter Signatures – magic potions in the form of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails invented by the Yolka team who left imagination fly in the lands of Russia, where they and borrowed names. Here are some of them:

Stakan Yolki (a glass of fir tree – gin, fir syrup, lemon juice, and soda)
Kubinskiy Tort (kuban cake – rum syrup, hazelnut, cinnamon, s&s and apple juice)
Everything from the Signatures category found at Cafeneaua Yolka are flavored with fir, combined with the weather outside.
Besides, a collection of cool shots named after regions in Russia are waiting for you to discover. You can choose between Kamchatka – black vodka and blueberry, Karelyia – melon liquor and espresso liquor and more. If you craving something light, you can choose between many specialties of coffee: from Cafeunea Yolka with the flavor of fir, to the flavor of nuts, chocolate, caramel, lavender or coconut.
And surprise, in addition to the events that have already begun to take place, Yolka is preparing for the month of January delicious pastries. Images