Bistro No 28 Cluj-Napoca

Str. Traian Mosoiu, nr. 28, Cluj-Napoca

Bistro No 28 Cluj-Napoca


Bistro No 28 Cluj-Napoca

A place for you in the heart of Cluj.

Bistro No 28 was born to fulfill our need to have a place that it essentially ours, a kind of meeting place where everyone knows everyone. We wanted an atmosphere that reflects the personality of our city and to induce an immediate sense of ‘home’.
Having that in mind, we have created a place that satisfies both stomach and heart, and our need for unique encounters through the diversity of recipes.

You will find our care for every single detail, not only in our hosue and cocktail specialties, but in every type of dish offered, which are always prepared with fresh, refined recipes. Regardless of where you live, you will feel at home with us, and you’ll always want to come back.

Here you will find a warm, welcoming atmosphere, good coffee, and excellent food.

The concept is casual dining, with sophisticated food from international cuisine, served in a atmosphere that is friendlier than other friendly restaurants. The menu includes both classic dishes and original recipes that can be enjoyed only here.

The bistro’s owner is a young 27 years old man of Romanian origin who is passionate about gastronomy. Abel Bistrian is the youngest of 12 brothers and was 3 in 1990 when his parents decided to immigrate to the US. At 18 he graduated from high school in Dallas and returned to the country to visit his native home and to learn more about the culture and people here. The young man is passionate and fascinated by art and architecture and interior design. The bistro’s design is our own creation. The wood used in paneling is made to look aged to contribute to the special atmosphere. Likewise, the furniture seems to wear the age of time. The walls are painted by a local artist, Dan Aron, a friend of the owner.

There is a separate room of 60 square meters for non-smokers, where you can organize various events, parties, art exhibitions, and concerts. Charity events have also taken place here, but this is an issue which the owner does not wish to discuss, out of modesty.

The bistro opened in April 2012 and manages to successfully combine local atmosphere with the flavors of international cuisine. Among the house specialties most sought after are the broccoli and Parmesan soup, grilled chicken breast with mushroom stew and scraped potatoes with onion and bacon and the Cheesecake with berries.

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Address: Traian Mosoiu Street, nr. 28, Cluj-Napoca
Telephone: 0264 334 336 | 0748 247 876