Azaria Boutique

Str. Emil Isac, nr. 5, Cluj-Napoca

What is femininity? The clothes and matching accessories, a different hairstyle, a perfect natural physique which we aspire to? There is no classical definition because, beyond all these elements that make up the visual aspects, femininity is a state of being, it is proof that we feel good in our skin, that we respect our body and mind, that we feel accomplished, powerful, sensitive, that we are loved and to love others in turn.

For all these qualities that define us, we deserve small pampering moments and we are crazy about little things that are gentle, special, and give us a good feeling. For this, we recommend Azaria – Handmade Boutique.

Located on Emil Isac Street, Azaria Boutique is not simply a shop, but a cozy space, a sanctuary dedicated to femininity, a place where many artisans gathered to celebrate beauty, nature, and health. Here you will find cosmetics and natural ingredients, handmade accessories, bows, diaries and notebooks from recycled paper.

Azaria cosmetics contain only natural oils and butters, cold pressed and BIO, medical herbs, bee products straight from the hive, clays, essential oils and many other 100% natural ingredients. All soaps and other cosmetics are made so as not to exceed a temperature of 40 degrees to not destroy their wonderful properties. Being 100% natural, they are recommended for people with sensitive skin or who suffer from various skin disorders.

Azaria products not only have beneficial properties for the body, but also have eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled, which is always recommended.

All these small joys, being creams, oils, soaps or jewelry are made to bring the beauty and health properties they have and will help us get closer to nature. These wonders and secrets have been known for thousands of years and are just waiting to be made available to us.

Address: Emil Isac Street, nr.5, across the street from the Maimuta plangatoare pizzeria
Telephone: 0745204469
E-mail: [email protected]
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