Cluj Airport

Traian Vuia, Nr. 149, cluj

Cluj Airport

The Cluj-Napoca International Airport is located on the European road E 576, ten kilometers east of Cluj’s commercial center, while the C.F.R. Train station can be found 12 kilometers away.

In 2013, for the third year in a row, the Avram Iancu International Airport in Cluj attracted over a million passengers. Today, the Cluj airport is the number two airport in Romania in regards to the number of passengers, following the Henri Coandă Airport in Bucharest.

The Cluj-Napoca International Airport R.A operates a sightseeing tour. The Airport thus opens its doors to all those who are interested in knowing the specifics of the airport’s activity.

Within an hour and a half, visitors will have access to the old air station, the arrivals and departures terminals, as well as in the area of airline operations.

Program Hours: 24 hours/day

Take off/landing Runway

Concrete Surface
Length 2100 m; width 30m (concrete) 7.5 m verges (asphalt)
Resistance: 36/ R / D/ W/ T
Light Buoy System, Category 1
New arrivals/departures terminal for passengers with a processing capacity of 750 passengers during peak hour.
Boarding/Disembarking Platform with dimensions of 311.5m x 117m with the capacity of 10 places for aircraft of the BOEING 737, ATR-42, and SAAB 200 type


Telephone: +40 0264 307 500, +40 0264 416 702, +40 0264 416 788, +40 0264 274 433
Fax: +40 0264 416 712
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Traian Vuia Street, Nr. 149-151, 400397 Cluj-Napoca, România