Agape Restaurant a la carte

Str. Iuliu Maniu, Nr. 6 400095 Cluj-Napoca

Agape Restaurant a la carte

Once at Hotel Agapi, you can enjoy an absolutely delicious meal at the restaurant! Set in a traditional environment, with elements harmoniously combined with live music in the background, you can enjoy both Hungarian and Transylvanian traditional specialties as well as international.

Heltai Gaspar Lounge
With a capacity of 80-100 seats, The elegant HELTAI GÁSPÁR Lounge offers international cuisine and is ideal for organizing weddings, meetings and large parties.

Kedves István Lounge
The KEDVES ISTVÁN, also known as the Blue Lounge, has a capacity of 12-14 seats and is ideal for business meetings and family reunions.

Baráth Béla Lounge
Known as the Yellow Lounge, the restaurant with a capacity of 30-40 seats is a favorite place for conferences, presentations, and meetings.

Matyas Kiraly Lounge
In the Mátyás Király Lounge you can enjoy the specialties of Hungarian cuisine while listening to live music.

Hirschler József Lounge
The HIRSCHLER JÓZSEF Lounge (24-40 seats) offers local and Hungarian specialties and is ideal for organizing various events.

Torocko Lounge
In the traditional Torocko Lounge (20 places) you can choose between various Transylvanian specialties.



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Agape Restaurant a la Carte