Live the true story of Guinness at O’Peter’s Irish Pub!

O'Peter's Irish Pub

Live the true story of Guinness at O’Peter’s Irish Pub!

O’Peter’s Irish Pub is an Irish fairy tale in Cluj, but without elves, and freckled redhead humans! The Irish spirit is in every man, in every corner, in every glass. It’s crazy, it’s fun and every evening ends with the taste of Guinness on the lips!

During the day, make a run to our pub in the old center of Cluj, as you satisfy your appetite. We have an awesome kitchen that automatically sends out delicious-looking plates! We cook out of pleasure to please your hearts content! At O’Peter’s Irish Pub you only eat very good or great!

The Best Pub in Town- O’Peter’s Irish Pub & Grill

We have people who serve you with a smile! Waiters and bartenders make your day brighter and drives away the sadness even before taking your first sip of beer! Choose to smile with us and give us the opportunity to color your life. Besides the Irish green, we play with all the colors of the earth and paint a cheerful rainbow upon your thoughts! Now that your thoughts have become cheerful and colorful, we can spend time together! O’Peter’s your favorite painter because he uses famous colors, “irish” green, red emotions, and black Guinness.

Colorful thoughts will make it easy to deal with the trivia marathon. Wine & Knowledge Pub Quiz is a contest that will occupy Monday evenings and O’Peter’s will be the host! Find your clever friends with a sense of humor and come to the Wine & Knowledge Pub Quiz, competition for people with sharp minds!

guinness la o'peter's irish pub
Enjoy the fun with friends! In O’Peter’s Irish Pub, you can spend hours without getting bored. We’re waiting with bunch of friends!

O’Peter’s Irish Pub: „Be touched by a bit of Irish luck!”