Lady Cat

Lady Cat

At Lady Cat café, you can meet up with friends over coffee and a chat with cats.

You can find Caramel sprawled, sleeping and totally indifferent to whoever is around, on a chair. The camera is placed on a table and the bag on another chair. Caramel opens its eyes and curiously begins to inspect. Caramel is the queen of the coffee shop on no. 85 Brancusi Street. Judging from this cat’s current status of relaxed indifference to its locality, one would never guess that Caramel was actually taken off the street. It was found disheveled and frightened, and received care at the veterinary clinic and was hosted at Lady Cat. It is a friendly and playful cat, all the time watching the door.

Lady Cat
On the floor of the cafe a cat strutted by. It is Thomas. Thomas is a friend of children. This cat was also found on the street, but full of wounds. It was also treated by veterinarian Ana-Maria Pop and brought to Lady Cat Café by Raluca Anita, the owner of the premises.

Lady Cat
The feline pays attention to another cat coming out from underneath the seats. This cat’s name is Tesla and was the first feline to arrive at Lady Cat . It is the most playful and energetic of felines. Of course, it was also found and taken from the street.

Lady Cat

Lady Cat is the café where you can make your day better with the little felines. It is the only place in Cluj where people who have pets are encouraged to adopt stray animals found on the street.

Come and get to know the cats, relax with them and their friends! You may like it so much, that you will end up taking a cat home!

Address: No. 85 Constantin Brâncuși Street
Tel: 0774 064 273
Program: Tuesday – Sunday: 10 am – 10 pm
Email: [email protected]