ExpoMineralia in Iulius Mall


ExpoMineralia in Iulius Mall

Dinosaur fossils, pieces of meteorites and giant ammonites.

This week, at the request of the public, the International Fair of Minerals, Rocks and Jewelry returns to Iulius Mall Cluj with collection pieces from the time of the dinosaurs.

Thus, from the 1st to the 6th of September 2015, Clujeans and other enthusiasts will have the opportunity to admire and purchase for personal collections pieces dinosaur remains and many other fossils. The stars of this edition are dinosaur teeth, pieces of meteorite and giant ammonites.

However, ExpoMineralia fair visitors will find in Iulius Mall Cluj more than 150,000 pieces of jewelry, accessories, decorations and other objects masterfully crafted from precious and semiprecious stones. The articles are created from rocks, mining, geodes, crystal, wood, precious and semiprecious stones, drawn from over 50 countries. More than 180 types of stones with different shapes and colors were used to create brilliant and exquisite jewelery. Enthusiasts can learn about the properties of each stone that fits their personality or zodiac signs, and how they can influence health.