Escape to Another World

Escape to Another World

Hectic daily life: family, work, projects, deadlines, traffic jams, children … All this can make you feel stressed, tired, restless. Occasionally, you feel the need of an escape, an escape into another world where you feel relaxed and forget your worries. No time and no money to go on a trip to exotic country at the moment, you can instead do something else rather than sit in front of the TV tonight and munch on what you have found the fridge.

A vibrant city such as Cluj has much to offer, regardless of season. If you have a mind to eat or drink something special, if you want to rediscover a world of pleasant dining, the eternal croissant with yogurt on the run from office can make room for something sophisticated, carefully prepared especially for you.

Escape to another world

At Osteria del Buon Vino we can for a few hours carry you to other lands. Whether you choose a famous Barolo wine with the scent of the Piedmontese Alps, a Chianti or Montalcino that takes you on the sunny hills of Tuscany or a Marsala wine in which you feel the wild flavors of Sicily as your journey with us can offer new unexpected sensations. If this world attracts you irreparably and you want to learn all about the fascinating world of wine, your new friends at Osteria del Buon Vino will help you and will guide you on this journey.

Hobbies inspire, give energy, and if you open up new horizons and wine and its history as old as mankind’s attracts you, Osteria del Buon Vino is a partner worth taking into account. Also, if it still proves difficult to remove yourself from your lair, we can come to you. You can choose your “travel destination” from the Vinomania online shop.

So let’s go in Italia, to start towards an escape in another world, let’s go to Osteria del Buon Vino!

Osteria del buon vino
(across the street from the Cluj Tribunal)
Address: no. 7 Calea Dorobanților, Cluj-Napoca
Program: Monday – Friday: 11am – 4pm & 6pm – 11pm; Saturday: 18pm – 11pm

Reservations at:
Telephone: +40 371 153 442
Mail: [email protected][email protected]

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