Luxury Massage

str. Constantin Brancusi, cartier Gheorgheni, Cluj-Napoca

Luxury Massage – Raiza Salon Cluj

Raiza Salon Massage is one of the most luxurious erotic massage salons in Cluj-Napoca. We offer the following services: relaxing massage, sensual massage, erotic massage, nude erotic massage, double massage, couples massage, private parties, sado, erotic show, jacuzzi and sauna.


Tender touches and a fine nude body erotic massage can only be found at Raiza Massage
Eroticism, a very special experience, privacy, sophistication you will find only at Raiza Erotic Massage parlor in Cluj-Napoca. Let yourself be seduced and feel the most erotic and sensual feeling ever met.
Raiza massage parlor offers a quiet and warm place with suave music along with some special present waiting for you to relax. Relaxation and eroticism. A massage in an atmosphere of sensuality and luxurious ambiance.
Through the atmosphere created in the salon and the quality of our services, we try to break away from everyday life and to take you on a unique experience, that is refined and also very relaxing.

Common Sense

We guarantee your satisfaction in our wards and we will make sure that you come back with pleasure every time you need a moment of sensuality and eroticism.


All the girls will be treated with respect. Violation of this rule will result in interruption of services without refund

No, means NO!

We do not offer complete sexual services and girls’ bodies belongs to themselves. Please do not press your requests and make them feel less comfortable. We will not tolerate any offensive behavior. All the girls take their service seriously and care about their reputation. In their hearts they want to leave with a beautiful memory and to come back soon!

With us, beautiful girls make the difference in price compared other salons! You are free to choose!

• Nude Erotic Massage+Assisted Shower+1 fin. 100 lei
• Nude Erotic Massage+Assisted Shower+2 fin. at 130 lei/during the day
• Sado Massage+Assisted Shower+2 fin. at 150 lei
• Alternative Massage with 2 girls (half with one girl, half with the other girl)+assisted shower+2 fin. at 200 lei
• Nude Erotic Massage+Assisted Shower+2 fin. at 180 lei
• Nude Erotic Massage+Assisted Shower+2 fin. with surprises and accessories at 200 lei
• Massage for Couples+Assisted Shower+2 fin. at 250 lei
• Hotel Visits, Erotic Massage+Assisted Shower+2 fin. at 300 lei
• Erotic Massage+Lesbian Show+Assisted Shower+2 fin. at 250 lei
• Erotic Massage in Jaccuzi + Free Wine/Shamagne+2 fin. at 250 lei


Special Offers
•  8:00-18:00: Massage with two girls+2 fin. at 160 lei
• 20:00-05:00: Massage with two girls at the same time+2 fin. at 220 lei
• 20:00-05:00: Massage+Assisted Shower+SURPRISE+2 fin.+free drink la 150 lei
Erotic massage for couples reinforces the connection between partners by removing barriers and inhibitions of life for couples.
Why be selfish and deprive your partner of such pleasure that maybe you felt it so many times. It is an experience that will help you know each other better in terms of hidden erotic desires.

Telephone: 0752801530, 0748272441
Email: [email protected]



  • Address: str. Constantin Brancusi, cartier Gheorgheni, Cluj-Napoca
  • Phone: 0752801530


  • Alternative Massage with 2 Girls
  • Erotic Massage
  • Erotic Massage in Jacuzzi
  • Hotel Visits
  • Lesbian Shows
  • Massage for Couples
  • Nude Erotic Massage + Assisted Shower
  • Sado Massage + Assisted Shower