Cleo Masage – Massage Salon Cluj

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Cleo Masage was designed for all those who want a good massage, well executed by sensual and talented girls who love to spoil you. For us the most important thing is that you feel good! To relax and enjoy every moment! We live in a crazy world in which moments you want to be one with yourself. Calm and relaxed.

Find out more about our offers! Every month we prepare fidelity offers!!! 80 RON for a topless massage, a nude erotic massage for 110 RON; alternative massage with 2 women for 150 RON (30 minutes / 30 minutes); We will arrive at your hotel for 300 RON. Sado Massage for only 150 RON !! An erotic show with 2 girls 300 RON.

In a fairytale atmosphere a lithe shadow awaits you, in the outline of a nude body, which you can only partially see due to the diffuse light, but you can feel yourself bonded to it while staggeringly dancing, body to body. You hear misunderstood whispers …

We invite you to step into the massage parlor – Cleo to discover erotic massage services of the highest quality. Among the many salons in Cluj, the Cleo erotic massage salon remains at the top because of its high class. Cleo – a foray into the field of taboo, the pleasure and enjoyment. Our location is discreet, our girls are beautiful, and our erotic massage services are done to high standards.

All the masseuses and hostess are to be treated with respect, breaking this rule will result in interruption of services without refund. “Between a woman’s “no” and a “yes” does not fit a pinhead” – we know this expression, but to us no means NO!

The key thing to understand about the refusal is that everything comes at its own time. It has been said that if you never risk be denied, then you will never win. In the world there is an enormous variety of tastes, something that you consider to be a defect can be considered by somebody something exciting. If our girls refuse sexual advances then you should not feel offended but we do not offer or encourage sexual relations between our female employees and customers, the bodies of masseuses belong to them, so please do not embarrass them with the demand of “extra” services during your erotic massage session.

The massage session is a ritual for remodeling one’s world vision, for generating positive thoughts and a harmonious mood. Starting from the premise that the basic human energy is sexual, energy to be enhanced and refined, wise people from the ancient Orient developed the art of achieving the art of erotic massage. Stimulation by touch helps determine body language, which is often more effective than verbal language itself.

The basic principle in male genital massage is that the moves and touches must be slow, stopped, or even the massage techniques must be changed in order to avoid ejaculation. The best principle is fulfilled when the man gives a signal before reaching this point of excitement. Repeat this process to achieve a certain climate, can generate for men multiple orgasms without ejaculation.

This week there is a 50% discount for a couples’ massage session! Come with your partner in our salon and you will benefit from our experienced erotic masseuses !!! The most beautiful and sensual girls in Cluj.

Telephone: 0740176620

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  • Address: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Phone: 0740176620


  • Alternative Massage with 2 Girls
  • Double Erotic Massage
  • Double Massage
  • Erotic Massage
  • Erotic Shows
  • Hotel Visits
  • Massage with 2 Girls