Curățătoria ecologică de Perne helps you with your holiday cleaning.

Curățătoria ecologică de Perne

Curățătoria ecologică de Perne helps you with your holiday cleaning

Before the holidays, as tradition demands, every house makes numerous preparations. The most important preparation is cleaning, every corner of the house being aired out, washed, or cleaned so that everything finally shine. However, what of pillows and quilts that are soiled, stained or outdated? We can not clean them in the way that we clean bed linen in the washing machine. Furthermore, if we try to clean them manually to do nothing but make things worse. Some stains are removed, but the pillow or quilt will still be dirty.

Curățătoria ecologică de Perne on Calea Floresti in the Flora Complex, is the solution to your problem! In just a few minutes a small machine cleans  fungi and bacteria off of pillows with their discreet lavender scent perfume. The dirty and stained back can be thrown away in exchange for a new one o cotton that you get from Curățătoria ecologică de Perne.

Thus, there’s nothing to worry about! Holidays, pillows and quilts will be cleaned and perfumed. The scent of lavender will persist in the air in rooms for days because Curățătoria ecologică de Perneuses uses lavender oil obtained by cold pressing of the highest quality. The widespread fragrance of lavender will give an easy and restful sleep the whole family.

Curățătoria ecologică de Perne te ajută să faci curățenia de sărbători
How are pillows and quilts made from feather and down cleaned?

Curățătoria ecologică de Perne on Calea Floresti uses a method of organically dry cleaning dry pillows and feather and down duvets, with hot air ionization and ultraviolet rays. It kills dangerous bacteria and fungi that live inside the cushions.

Why is it good to clean pillows or quilts?

One third of a pillow’s weight is made out of mites, living or dead, their manure, bacteria and dead skin. If you do not clean them regularly pillows are supportive environment for bacterial growth, the spread of staph, E. coli and other bacteria harmful to human health. Therefore, pillow sanitation is appropriate to make every 6 months!

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