– Source of Bio Produce for the Whole Family!

CUBIO.RO-IULIUS-MALL-CLUJ-03-372x225 – Source of Bio Produce for the Whole Family!

For those for whom health takes precedence find help for their lifestyle to CUBIO.RO. The store in Iulius Mall Cluj offers a wide range of organic products, high quality and efficient for the proper functioning of body and mind. Remedies for various diseases, herbal teas in combination with therapeutic solutions to ensure a gourmet menu with multiple benefits and more are the healthy proposals of CUBIO.RO.

For natural beauty, the shop in Iulius Mall provides ladies with a variety of cosmetics, ideal for skin, body, hair, or hand care. In addition, here they will find everything they need to keep the house clean, environmentally friendly and very effective solutions.

Babies and children need special attention, both in terms of diet and their care. Parents may request items from a range of products specifically dedicated to children, which include different remedies for pain, tenderness, or irritation.

The products we promote CUBIO.RO store in Iulius Mall are herbal from organic crops, are friendly to nature and the human body, and their great advantage is that it does not contain toxic substances, thereby protecting health.