Cluj-Napoca Zoological Museum

Zoological Museum

Cluj-Napoca Zoological Museum

Observing and familiarizing ourselves with the local fauna, but also with the exotic, we can better understand the biological system in which, after all, we are a part. A visit to a zoological museum can help us discover things about the varied life forms, that surround us and their specific behaviors.

The Cluj-Napoca Zoological Museum is part of the Heritage of Babeș-Bolyai University and was originally founded as a branch of the Transylvanian Museum in 1859. Currently, the is on the ground floor where is the Faculty of Biology is located, at no. 5-7 Clinicilor Street.

From the point of view of scientific value and number of specimens owned, the Cluj-Napoca Zoological Museum is second place in terms of importance in country after the “Gr. Antipa” Museum in Bucharest. You can find here a number of scientific collections of animals such as colectia malacologica Biltz, colectia lepidopterologica Franzenau, colectia de izopode Radu etc.

muzeul zoologic cluj napoca

The Zoological Museum was divided into three sections. Thus we have actual exhibition that includes a large number of vertebrate and invertebrate, being exposed alone or in dioramas – reproducing their natural environment. Then, the scientific collections that are comprised of more than 300,000 copies of animals and are accessible only to specialists and the third sector is represented by reserve museum exhibits which are only temporarily.
As I said in the beginning, besides the local fauna, in such a zoological museum we can discover and see exotic dioramas that reflect aspects of specific behaviors animal life, and the Cluj-Napoca Zoological Museum delights us, for example, with a collection of corals, a variety of star-fish, the African scorpion, the migratory monarch butterfly, African electric fish, copies of hummingbirds group of big cats, or insect themed dioramas and microdioramele with specific species of butterflies, birds, or animals in our area.

muzeul zoologic cluj napoca
Curiosities and rarities:
For the more curious by nature, eager to discover the rarities of the world, animals endangered or species already long gone, the exhibition of the Zoological Museum includes exhibits such as nautilus (relic of the primeval era) aspers, tuatara (relative to prehistoric reptiles), kiwi, the bearded vulture, platypus, echidna and more.

Visiting Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9am – 3pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 2pm

Ticket Prices:
– 5 lei Adults
– 2.5 lei Children, High School students, University Students
– Disabled Persons – Free
– Access is Free for Students and Employees of U.B.B, on the base of their student ID.

Contact Data:

Delia Ceuca– Museum Director
Address: no. 5-7 Clinicilor Street Cluj-Napoca
Telephone : 0264.59.57.39 int. 121
Fax: 431859
E-mail: [email protected]

Photos: Irina Iacob Photography