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Cluj-Napoca Art Museum

Artistic living and expression is part of what makes us people. It’s an area of ​​our inner and social lives, towards which, sooner or later, we direct you curiousity or eagerness for communion with the past, an artistic community – because art is, among other things, a form of communication. Another kind of communication, different from the everyday, one towards which we often yearn to get.
In such moments, we can visit the Museum of Art in Cluj-Napoca.


Art needs an institution to host its national ​​and universal value and thus since 1951, was founded Art Museum Cluj-Napoca, which, in 1956, comfortably installed in the Banffy Palace, located on no. 30 Piața Unirii Square.
The palace-museum building is easily recognizable due to the Banffy family emblem: winged and crowned griffins – with whom we can admire the statues of divinities and heroes of antiquity: Mars, Pallas Athena, Diana, Apollo, Perseus, and Hercules, sculpted by the artist Anton Schuchbauer.

The heritage owned by the Cluj-Napoca Art Museum is impressive and valuable, including Romanian and universal art dating from the fifteenth century to the present. Thus, we find more than 13 000 pieces of art from different branches: painting (over 3,600 pieces), sculptures (over 450 pieces), graphic arts (over 5,600 pieces), decorative arts (over 200 pieces) and documentary fund (over 3300 parts).

* Art of Romania – Romanian artists can be found in some of the heritage Museum of Art:
– Nineteenth century: Theodor Aman, Nicolae Grigorescu and Ion Andreescu, Stefan Luchian
– First half of the twentieth century: Nicolae Tonitza, Theodor Pallady, Nicolae Darascu, George Petrascu, Francis Sirato, Iosif Iser, Lucian Grigorescu, Dumitru Ghiata, Camil Ressu, Dimitrie Paciurea, Corneliu Medrea, Hans Eder, Iosif Klein, Hans Mattis-Teutsch, Corneliu Mihailescu, M.H. Maxy, Milita Petrascu, Vasile Popescu.
– The second half of the twentieth century: Catul Bogdan, Al. Ciucurencu, Aurel Ciupe, Ion Tuculescu- Ion Vlasiu, Constantin Lucaci, Corneliu Baba.

* Art of Transylvania is represented by artists such as Franz Neuhauser, Anton Bergman, Misu Pop, Istvan Nagy, or Aurel Popp. The Artistic Center of Cluj is highlighted by the works of artists such as Elena Popea, Pericle Capidan, Tasso Marchini, Emil Cornea, Nagy Albert, Friedrich Bomches, Romul Ladea, Petre Abrudan, Teodor Harsia, Fülöp Antal Andor, Alexander Mohy, Ion Sima, Petru Feier, Anton Lazar, József Bene, Egon Marc Lovith.

* Universal art composing of 1456 pieces include paintings, sculptures, graphic and decorative art and is represented by artists such as Karoly Lotz, Franz Defregger, Luca Giordano, J.H. Flandrin, C.M. Clodion, E. Barlach, Salvator Rosa, Honoré Daumier, etc.


* The permanent exhibition of the Art Museum Cluj-Napoca is given by the National Gallery, displayed in 21 halls of the first floor, here are selected and presented to the public over 200 pieces of painting and sculptures of the museum, which highlights the collections of the Cluj art museum that captures the evolution of art in Transylvania, and its intra-specific multiculturalism
* Temporary exhibitions – visit the website for the current museum exhibitions currently available!

Wednesday – Sunday: 10:00 to 5:00 p.m.

For the Museum of Art in Cluj-Napoca wants the public the chance to become more involved, more eager and more educated in terms of art, Saturdays and Sundays, are invited to attend the program free guiding occurring in National Gallery at 11:00 to 15:00.

Tickets – full price
1. Entry in exhibitions 4 lei / pers
2. Entry fee in three exhibitions to choose from: 10 lei / pers

– To see who and under what circumstances discounted rates, click here.

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