Casino Urban Culture Center

Casino Cluj

The Casino Urban Culture Center in Cluj is located in the “Simion Bărnuţiu” Central Park and in recent times has become a veritable host of cultural and artistic events taking place in Cluj.

The building is a historical monument, built at the end of the nineteenth century in an eclectic Viennese style. Pakey Lajos was the architect who constructed this veritable palace building, who designed the famous Hotel Continental and other historic buildings in Cluj.

Over time, the building has fulfilled the role of casino, ethnographic museum (between the wars), School of Fine Arts (1925) and restaurant. Following rehabilitations made by Cluj-Napoca City Hall from European funds, the Casino now organizes cultural and artistic events and activities, space mission being to create a cultural dynamic specific to the large university cities in the world.

At the Casino Urban Culture Center in Cluj, you have the opportunity to quickly organize your event, without unnecessary bureaucratic procedures in two simple steps:

1. Written request submitted to the Cluj-Napoca City Hall Registry on no. 7 Motilor Street on the ground floor. Or you can send a request to one of the email addresses: [email protected] or [email protected]

You will receive feedback within 24 hours of filing the request, in the feedback is communicated the location’s availability. Where there is unavailability, you will receive alternatives: different time, another day, or another location).

Address: Central Park, Cluj-Napoca
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]