Cascada Valul Miresei

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Valul Miresei Waterfalls

I. Type of route:
This route is recommended for people of all ages, but some routes require experience and good equipment. The condition of the road is good, except for a few miles between Margau and Scrind-Frasinet.

Access roads in the area:
1. From Cluj-Napoca, through Huedin: 81 km
2. From Huedin: 31 km
Gas Station: Sâncrai
Duration of the route: More or less a day

II. Leisure activities:

fishing, paragliding, caving, climbing, hiking, ATV riding, skiing.

Restaurants: Guesthouse with restaurant.
Food: Pastry shop and Bakery in Rachitele.

III. Route description:
This is probably the most beautiful route that can be traveled during the day together with your family. Beginning from Huedin opens a land of wonders – the Apuseni Mountains.
Located in the village of Margau, in the center of Rachitele commune, turn right on Valea Stanciului (forest road that is accessible with any type of car. Winter traveled is recommended for those who are experienced enough to drive). After about 6 km passing through Cheile Vaii Stanciului, with walls towering between 10 and 40 meters are arranged numerous climbing routes can admire one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Transylvania, by the falls of Valul Miresei. It is situated on the border of the Apuseni Mountains Natural Park and offers great views during both the summer and winter. It is formed from three steps of 5m, 8m and 34m, and the water spreads out in a fan, giving the impression of a wedding, hence the legend that a bride would fall down and would be left hanging in rocks. On the way to the waterfall, you can admire the historic churches in the villages of Ciuleni and Margau.
From the waterfall, for inexperienced hikers, you can climb down on a trail to the Lespezile Albe, where there is a lookout point over the whole valley and including Vladeasa. Tourists that are properly equipped, experienced, and with a licensed guide can accompany or follow the many trails that climbs Vladeasa or visit the caves of Vârforaul or Humpleu, but only if accompanied by an authorized guide.

IV. Attractions in the area:
Literature and poetry lovers can know that Teofil Rachiteanu, one of the greatest poets of the Apuseni Mountains, lives in a clearing about 500 meters from the waterfall in a traditional wooden house, where the great Romanian poets and writers have camped over the years. With much love Mr. Rachiteanu will tell you everything about this. Teofil Rachiteanu lives near the village dispensary. You can contact him at: 0264 277 810.

In Scrind Frasinet, Baciul Todor has nice little bar with a small fountain inside where beer and drinks are kept cold.
Lovers of fishing with licenses can spend the day fishing during the season in the village’s valleys. From Rachitele, for those who want to extend their stay can reach Padis through Doda Pili, or if they they come from an ATV through Doda Pili or Ic Ponor they can arrive at the Scarisoara glacier.


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Source:  Transilvania All Inclusive


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