Casa Ardeleana

Casa Ardeleana

In a world where globalization is the key word, there is no time to give importance and respect to traditions and folk beliefs which are in fact our national identity. Too readily do we adopt popular holidays from other countries, while national variants are ignored or celebrated through the prism of their commercial context, and then ask perplexed why do they not have the same brightness as before.

Casa Ardeleana
Maybe we should slow down the fast pace to be up to speed at which society develops, and shift to quiet things that really matter: local traditions, history and folk beliefs.

And if in this respect we need a push, you are always welcome to Casa Ardeleana. Right in the heart of the city in an area where the bustle of the city can not penetrate, where there is no rush and no daily stress, Casa Ardeleana restaurant was created to respond to the discrete needs of contemporary people. Here, the gifts are intertwined with traditional village hospitality and delicious food, along with the pride of belonging to this profound and old cultural space, many of which offer universal values.

In an atmosphere tamed by wood, clay, and stone, the smell of fried chicken in the oven and soups made like mother, enveloped by the rhythms of traditional music, here you’ll find a piece of “rural life” … at least from the culinary point.

Casa Ardeleana
The menu is large, and you’ll find the hot stone specialties (aged beef sirloin, aged beef steak), z─âmuri, soups, and sweets. The ingredients are fresh, made directly in the garden, in the yard with bird coops, piglets, or pond with fish dishes with flawless taste, like goodies prepared by grandparents, and of course, the good will and service quality are sweeter than honey.

Casa Ardeleana
If you want to relive that feeling of simplicity of an authentic Transylvanian village or want to help foreign tourists get acquainted with the tranquility of country life, Casa Ardeleana is an excellent starting point!


Address: no. 5 21 Decembrie 1989 Boulevard, 400105 Cluj Napoca
Telephone: +40 264 439 451
Fax: +40 264 450 622
E-mail: [email protected]