Captain Bean

captain bean

Captain Bean

Whether you believe us or not, we even serve coffee ‘to go’ on a bike and are the first to have done it in Cluj. Moreover, you do not have to chase us through the city. Every day you can find in the same place at the same time.

Given that we are students, we can not afford to make mistakes. Therefore, we are constantly adapting our products and services.

Our desire is to help you buy our coffee specialties in an interactive way, so you can leave with the right product and a smile.

Routine not sit will with us because we have a rich arsenal of syrups that will take your taste buds syrups out of your comfort zone.

We await you!

Monday – Friday: 7:30- 17:00
Saturday: 8:30-16:00

Contact Captain Bean:
Telephone: 0756 917 133


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