Capitoline Wolf

Statue of the Capitoline Wolf

Located on Eroilor Boulevard, in front of the “Transfiguration” Greek-Catholic Cathedral, the Statue of the Capitoline Wolf, also known as the Statue of the She-wolf, was given to Cluj by the city of Rome in 1921 as a symbol of Latinity between Italy and Romania. Around the same time, “Roma madre” also gave bronze copies as gifts to Timișoara, Bucharest, Chișinău, and Târgu-Mureș.

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The monument was placed in Piața Unirii, in front of the statue of Matthias Corvinus and the unveiling ceremony was held on September 28, 1921 was chaired by Iulian Pop, the first Romanian mayor of the city. The statue is made of bronze, an exact copy of the Capitoline she-wolf with Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome’s future. The plinth of the monument of Cluj was provided with a relief of the Emperor Trajan, all work done in bronze by the sculptor Ettore Ferrari (1849-1930), and the inscription ALLA CITTÀ DI CLVJ, ROMA MADRE, MCMXXI

Four years ‘forced’ to stay away from Cluj

With the Vienna Award in 1940, during the forced exodus of a large part of the Romanian population, the statue was taken along the refugee path to be made safe. From 1940-1944, for security reasons, it was held in Sibiu.

After the Second World War, the statue returned to Cluj, but the new political climate in place did not allow for the reinstallation of the statue in its original place, ie in Piața Unirii, so it was mounted in 1967 at the initiative of Professor Constantin Daicoviciu in front of the central building of the university. Here the statue remained until 1973 when he returned to Piața Unirii and its place in front of the university was taken by the statue of the Școala Ardeleană.

Altar in December ’89

On the 22nd of December 1989, a day after events took place in Piața Unirii where people were killed, a black flag was hoisted at the base of the statue was hoisted black flag. Candles burned for days near the statue of the she-wolf, even if the place of the altar was at the intersection from the Continental. Clujeans felt the need to come and hold a moment of silence for the fallen.

In 1994 the statue was taken from its location and replaced at the intersection of Eroilor Boulevard with Piața Unirii by the Memorandum Monument. This time, the She-wolf statue was moved to the Transylvanian History Museum, and was restored by the sculptor Alan Mocan. After restoration, the monument was moved to another place halfway down Eroilor Boulevard.

In 2006, at the start of the work to construct the pedestrian area, the statue was returned to the museum, where the sculptor Tiberiu Kolozsi subjected it to a new process of restoration. Finally, on November 29, 2008, the Capitoline Wolf was returned to its location on Eroilor, in front of the “Transfiguration” Greek Catholic Cathedral.

Something less well known is that one of the twins was stolen and turned into an angel for a crypt in the Central Cemetery. Fortunately, this important element of the statue was recovered, resuming his place in this beautiful monumental composition.