Belis – the sea between mountains



I. Type of trail
Belis. This trail is recommended for people of all ages.
The road is in good condition.

Accessibility into the area:
1) From Cluj-Napoca to Huedin is 75 km.
2) From Huedin is another 25 km.
3) From Cluj through Dângaul Mare – Râsca is 60 km
Gas Station: Sâncrai

Duration of the trip: A day, more or less depending on your situation

II. Leisure activities:

fishing, paragliding, caving, climbing, hiking, ATV, and skiing.
Restaurants: Guesthouse with its own restaurant
Convenience stores: Patisserie and Bakery in Rachitele
III. Description of the Trail
Belis is among the most important tourist areas of Cluj county. Enjoying a network of over 30 guesthouses, it is a favorite destination for summer / winter tourists from Cluj and the surrounding areas.
Depending on the availability, trips can last a day or more, as desired. Those who wish may make a friendly tour of the lake, starting from Belis towards Poiana Horii, where the road is good and easily accessible from there to Giurcuta de Sus. From here you can travel further on to Smida (with any type of car, if you drive with caution) after passing through Doda Pili, towards Dealu Botii, and back in Belis.

Along this route, besides panoramic the sights, there are also many points where you can take pictures.
From Poiana Horii is possible to continue on the road towards Albac, through the Aries Valley, while from Doda Pili are two variants, one towards Padis by Ic Ponor or towards Rachitele.

IV. Attractions in the area:
Historic wooden Orthodox church in Belis
Wooden Church Balcesti
Fântânele Dam
Wooden church in Poiana Horii
Historic wooden Orthodox church in Giurcuta de Sus
Wooden Church in Dealu Botii

V. Curiosity:
Once every five years, when the dam is cleaned, the old wooden Church of Belis is visible underwater.

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