Artistul Altfel: Miki. – Cluj’s first professional blackboard drawer


Miki. – Cluj’s first professional blackboard drawer… or how to subtly change the urban scene

Lately, Cluj has been considered an international center for contemporary art. Perhaps the major cities have given this “growth” or encouragement for “outbreaks” of creativity. We have artists with original ideas and creative force, some manage to assert themselves, others are lost in the mass of people in daily life.

As an artist, Cosmin Mihai Moraru aka Miki. tells us that it is important to come up with something unique, new, original. “A bit of you that represents you, so that you will search for the essence as an artist and express it. You should really try.”

Miki. became a pioneer in the art of drawing on a blackboard, be it advertisements, images, design, or display the menu of any type of venue in Cluj. He is the first artist from Cluj (even in the country!) who does this at a professional level, addressing each in way that’s unique and specific to the particular place.

miki. cluj desenator table shto college bar

The play on hidden ideas and messages in Cluj’s venues

Cafe’s restaurants, bars, and pubs are important personalities in the life of Cluj. They give pulse and color to the city. Their images are implanted in the cubconsciousness of our collective. How come we do not pay attention to these images?
Miki. plays, it is a playful artistic process taken to the professional level. The play on ideas, words, symbols, offers, advertisements, and messages are all interrelated in a board or on a wall.

As of now, Miki. has created blackboard drawings for numerous venues in Cluj, and the list continues to grow: Joben Bistro (his most recent project), Shto College Bar, Atelier Cafe, Sisters, Papillon, Studio 26, Rehab College Bar, Matei Corvin Restaurant, Teo’s Cafe, Frescobar, La Perne, Adele Bistro, Old School Coffee House, Pasta la Vista, Deja Brew, Pokka Bistro, Cofetăria Carpați etc.

miki. cluj desenator table shto college bar

From experimentation to a new form of artistic advertisements

Why draw on a blackboard? Miki. tells us that it all began from artistic experiments that he was used to doing. Like every artist, his dream is to succeed in sustaining himself from art, but not in the classic sense, to not be integrated in the rigid life of an artist – opera – exhibitions – galleries – and maybe even a salary.

He wanted to be recognized for something special and to be recognized by his style and ideas, to be easily identified as artist. We believe that he has succeeded!

The drawings on the blackboard drew the attention of Miki., in a serious way, last spring, and has since become known among the circles o venues and more people are turning to his artistic services.

“I want to turn this activity into a new industry in terms of advertising and how art can be seen in our city and beyond.” says Miki.

joben si adele miki. cluj desenator table

“I fucking love Cluj!” – Check out how he decided to choose Cluj 🙂

Miki. is from Iasi, where he finished high school and the Department of Imitative Arts, and after a period in which he traveled thousands of kilometers around the country by train, taking part in and contributing to presentations for parties and events throughout the country, he decided to remain in Cluj.

“I want to try to do something in Romania, I do not have a mind to go abroad.” he told us, In an unexpected way, somehow, given the fact that it can be really difficult to survive as an artist here. There is still the mentality that artists make art just for art’s sake and many disapprove of their attempts to earn a living doing what they love, what motivates them.

However, apart from some preconceptions, Miki. He has had a positive feedback, showing that more and more people seek him both here in Cluj and, more recently, in Iasi.

mike miki. cluj desenator table

old school miki joben si adele miki. cluj desenator table

Plans for the future?

Depending on the development of this project, the artist affirms:
“I want to literally dominate Cluj, to bring forward murals, publicity ideas, and handmade advertising in contrast with how everything tends to become digital and impersonal nowadays. To give people the possibility to see, how they can practically “install” a billboard, as it is created manually, for example.”

Artistically speaking, he smiles upon the idea to place some blackboards in galleries. “I do not think anyone has exhibited anything like – blackboards in an art gallery. That represents a playful perspective, infantile, which takes the form of satire on everything going on in society at the level of publicity and advertising.”

We love people who are creative, passionate about what they do, and lively. Discovering young people like Miki., you come to understand what makes Cluj so special, what makes this town dear. Alongside the good and bad, it is home to beautiful and creative people!

Miki. you can find him on his Facebook page or by phone:

Telephone: +40 741 62 3960

old school miki joben si adele miki. cluj desenator table

mox tablite decor miki. cluj desenator table

mox tablite decor miki. cluj desenator table