Artistul Altfel: Art Bending or how to make art from wire

Perhaps it is counter-intuitive, but art does not always presume something extraordinarily complicated. Often, the simplest things are the ones that carry with them the emotional and special meanings for each of us.

It’s a lesson you learn quickly following some of the works of Paul Cristian Cordoș, the clujean who makes art from wire. It is the art of bent wire (English. wire art) – an artistic process that is not very common here, but that is beginning to take shape and scale due to the project initiated by Paul, and is becoming increasingly known among clujeans.

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Under the aegis of Art Bending, the artist shapes ideas and concepts, thoughts and memories, personalized decor objects, portraits, and isolated moments in time. In a minimal line, the created pieces and installations have what concerns them embedded in them.

I (indirectly) met him for the first time last year, on the streets of Cluj as a writer in a conversation before:

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“I do not consider myself an artist, but rather a minimalist who is passionate about this art.”

I was left with a curiosity as well as an asterisk in mind. I met Paul but only last week and learned that it all started sometime between 2001-2003, when at Paris and discovering the street art, began to search for that form of expression that represents him.

Gradually, he turned his attention toward utilitarian art, easily accessible and simple.

Paul says that he does not consider himself an artist but rather a passionate minimalist, but though his pieces and installations impresses perhaps because their simplicity, they not only require the skills of bending the wire, but reflects an ability to see the world in a different manner, an image perspective and an artistic vision that gives a peculiar touch to each object.

Art Bending, Artistul Altfel, sarma, arta,

“Legends” Portraits – human traits outlined from a single minimal line

After years of experience in shaping wire, it was time for a challenge. The series of portraits of personalities from the film world is, as Paul tells us, “a culmination of everything we’ve learned from modeling.”

The Legends series of portraits capture important figures such as Liza Minnelli, Audrey Hepburn, Alfred Hitchcock, Christopher Walken, Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen, Daniel Craig, and Jim Morrison – portraits dedicated to each year in which the Art Bending project has been active. They are made of a single bent wire without soldering, seamless.

Art Bending, Artistul Altfel, sarma, arta,

Gifts for loved ones and small items from the soul

Art Bending is a suite of simple parts with impact, often created as interior decoration or utility functions, small gifts which can be customized and made to order, so as to resonate with the future owner. Hangers, support for photos or cards, paintings and other installations put on the wall, all find their use and meaning for the recipient.

“Everyone gives ideas”

People interacting “become a reservoir” of inspiration for the wire modeler, each person comes up with an idea, with a demand, with a wish. So arise pieces of art, simple, minimal impact.

In recent years, Paul Cristian Cordoş has managed to create thousands of pieces, not only for the public in Romania and in Cluj, but also for countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, Britain, the US, or Japan.

People seem increasingly interested in art made using wire, it’s exciting that a simple line, but with a clear direction, gives shape to an idea, a person, an emotion.

Art Bending, Artistul Altfel, sarma, arta,

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Art Bending / Paul Cristian Cordoș


Article written by Iulia Marc Editor

Translated by Darius Roby